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Soybean Oil in Lube

Soybean Oil in Lube

Hi, first time asking a question.I did a search for this and only found a thread that touched on it briefly, so I hope I don’t get slapped for this.

Anyway, I have some Johnson’s Body Care lotion I wanted to use as lube for wet jelqs, but one of the first ingredients listed is soybean oil. I’ve heard that people who eat soy for long periods of time experience high estrogen levels, so I wanted to be safe and ask if using a soybean-oil-containing lotion regularly could possibly have a noticeable effect, or if I should just go ahead and stick to plain ol’ olive oil. Thanks ahead of time.

Just checked the bottle: It’s listed as “Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil”

WOO! Crank dat soja oil..

That’s a good question, especially as Johnson’s Body Care lotion is an easy to obtain lubricant, and good for ‘stealth’ if you don’t want suspicion.

There is lots on the internet about phytoestrogens, but I think unless you are vegetarian and eating a large amount of Soy products on a very regular basis, it’s unlikely to be a problem. It’s just the word estrogen and an unproven belief that there is an inverse relationship between testosterone production and estrogen that seems to scare people.

My personal opinion is that there would be no problem at all with using it.

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Gotta love soja oil ;)


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