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Sort of Newbie from the UK

Sort of Newbie from the UK

I am not a total newbie to PE. But as far as you are all concerned I am (and should be treated as such).

The basic plan is to gain an inch in both length and girth. I intend to do this by a mixture of the beginners jelq routine complimented by some low pressure pumping. I seem to have a very thick septum, so gains might be slow.

I am still trying to get a feel for the forum, so much going on.

Anyway, that’s enough of a intro, see you all later.

Some measurements taken yesterday.

BPEL - 6 inches
EG = 6 inches (at thickest point).

I am only measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch. The BPEL was just under (as near as makes no difference) and the EG was a little over 6 inches but not close enough to warrant calling it 6.25 inches.

Did my first jelq session yesterday (measurements were taken beforehand), everything seems to go well, warmed up in the shower and used coco butter for the lube.

Hey C80

Your girth is excellent, even perfect, so why not focus on length and include some stretching to make your BPEL a solid 7.

Now: NBPEL = 6.4 MSEG = 5.3 BEG = 5.75

Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0

I would like to get to 7.5 bpel x 7 eg.

I feel both are achievable. But it will probably take a couple of years to achieve.

My girth tapers off towards the glands. I’d be content with just over 6 inches behind the glands increasing to around 7 inches at the base. I also think the length gains will be hard fought due to my thick tunica.

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