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Sort of a newbie

Sort of a newbie

I joined months ago and lurked but now I’m back with a vac pump setup and I should be more active. I’ll be looking around for some tips in that vein but if anyone has some success stories I’d be very much obliged. I can be fairly easily demotivated.

Maybe I should put up some stats just to give an idea for anyone who decides to follow my results (not that I’m expecting it):

EL - 5 inches
BPEL - 7.75 inches
Circumfrence - 5.5 inches
Ethnicity - Black
Age - 21
Weight - 220 lbs
Height - 6’ 2”

Primary exercise - Vacuum pumping
Secondary exercise - simple jelq routine
Other exercises - none

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Welcome to the world of PE and this great forum.

I hope you reach your goals.

What are your goals?

Take care,

4Foreskin ;)

Almost 3inches of fat pad? Are you sure you measured properly?

I’m not entirely sure what goals can be.. Realistic but I would like to see an extra inch by this time next year at least

I carry fat awkwardly and it gravitates toward my hips and crotch. I’m fattier than my stats may make me seem.

You want girth or length or both?

If you want length you should definitely do stretching from the newbie routine. Also some V-stretches and such.

Honestly, length is less important to me than girth. I did plan to pick some stuff from the newbie routine if not the whole thing but I wanted to focus on girth gains although I don’ have a real numerical goal for that.

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