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Sorry, more hanging questions

Sorry, more hanging questions

Ok, I just made my own BIB hanger and it’s pretty friggin pathetic. I’m hoping this is why I had so many problems. First of all, I got too small a size of PVC pipe so it was extremely hard to get the pipe tight around my penis without pinching the skin. Second of all I didn’t have a hose clamp so I tried using electrical tape to tighten the pipe.

I’m just wondering, are these the reasons why the hanger kept slipping off the end of my penis? The longest I got it to stay on was about 3 minutes, it was annoying as hell!!! Also, when it was on for that three minutes the weight (a dumbell) was hanging to one side more than the other. So I was wondering what everyone here uses for weights and how they attach them so they stay straight.

Oh ya, also, do hose clamps come in different sizes?

Thanks alot!

You need to break down and spend the big bucks on the hose clamp.

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