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Sorry for wasting bandwidth

Sorry for wasting bandwidth

Alright guys, all I do is have complaints, and I am very very sorry. I have always noticed while I am jelqing my “piss hole” ( sorry thunder what am I suppose to call it) gapes open because my helmet is so big. Today, it actually ripped because ti was so engorged with blood. I freaked out guys, it does not hurt to piss but it definitely ripped the “piss hole” what should I do? When I say blood I mean a drop, I am certain it bleed because of this. This was not caused by anything internal.


Sorry I did not clarify the “piss hole” actually tore to make the “piss hole” look greater.

Try relaxing your grip for one, and take a couple days off for the other.

Sounds like you are just gripping with the jelqing hand to hard which will cause the urethra (piss hole) to open up farther than maybe it should.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Well even when I am having intercourse my helmet “piss hole” is so crazily open it looks like a portal, it is not caused my strenuous jelqing.

meatus [me ate us] = “piss hole”

glans = “helmet”

Try different condoms, more lube, a different thrusting angle. If you kegel while having intercourse, stop. It only makes the glans larger.


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