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Sorry for asking too many questions

Sorry for asking too many questions

Hi, again;

I apology for asking too many questions today.

Does anyone knows how can I get a rice sock or heat pad? what do they look like? I searched on and saw some of them but I don’t really if those are the ones you guys use to warm up before the exercises. I really need bo buy one so I can warm up in my own room. I hate it when I have to lock myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes to warm up and somebody else is knocking on the door because he/she has to pee! It’s so annoying. Please give me some help (links are very helpful)


there is a device sold at Walgreen’s called the Bed Buddy Back Wrap. It is a Microwaivable heating pad, and it holds heat for about 40 minutes. It costs about $15.00. Of course, you need access to a microwave. You heat it for about 2 minutes.


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Or you could just make your own rice sock. My Dad has used one for years for muscle pain. Really easy, just put rice in a sock and sow the sock shut. Thick cotton socks are better. Heat in microwave for about 4 minutes (plus or minus depending on microwave wattage). Usually works fairly well. :) Be careful the first few times though until you find the right amount of heating time for your microwave, you don’t want it too hot (or burnt).

Longs Drugs for those of us without Walgreens also has microwavable heating pads. I think any drug store will have them near the foot spas/rehabilitation section. The ones at Longs cost about 20 bucks but they are easier than the plug in ones.

That reminds me - if you ask any more question in say … the next 15 seconds then Thunder is going to come to your door and demand a question tax. He did that to me for a while until I gave him my credit card number but little did he know that was my maxed out one (I have lots of those). I am waiting for him to take me to the People’s Court for payment. I will talk to tps though to see if I can do some advertising from Thunders while on the show to work off some of the debt.

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West, that thing looks pretty cool. Have you tried it out or know anybody who has?

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