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Hi all,

I noticed that the head of my penis looked slightly inflamed at the bottom (raised and darker colour). I guess it’s probably from trying to do manual stretches. Is there some way I can reduce the soreness and continue doing stretches and jelqing? I don’t really want to carry on and make it worse you see.

Thanks for reading

Make sure you are warming up and down with some sort of heat

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MM - what exactly is your routine. Are you warming up and warming down. How long and what type of stretching are you doing?

I haven’t really been doing proper warm ups, I’ve been doing a little but probably not enough. I’m doing manual stretches, pulling down, side, up etc for about 45 seconds each.

You need to get in a nice 5 minute warm up prior to the entire routine, run pretty hot water over your member, I often throw in shorter “maintenance” warm ups between each time I switch exercises. I.e. If I’m going from stretches to Dry Jelqs, I re-warm up before I begin my dry jelqs. Seems to be a pretty big emphasis from the big guys here on warm ups. Learn from the best I say.

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Yes, I agree warming up, make sessions safer.

Thanks guys,

I did a proper warm up last night, and it certainly felt safer and more comfortable doing stretches. I think I may re - warm up like you Kesman, before Jelqing, seems a good idea.

Thanks for the advice, and good luck with gains!

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