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I am pretty sore from all these stretches, is that good/normal? It feels like I worked out really hard after a long time of not working out, but it’s the tendons and tissue’s in my dick that are sore. Anyone else get sore like this?

I get a little sore, but not like you’re saying. Could you be doing too much too soon? Maybe you could try easing back a bit on the intensity but increasing the frequency of your workouts.

A little soreness is a good thing. But if it’s distracting to you even when you’re not PE’ing, you’re probably overdoing it.

No one?

My bad for the last post. Thanks for the reply though. I just want to make sure I’m not hurting anything here.

Take it easy until the soreness goes. I initially was sore too so I increased the heat and time for the warm up and warm down periods.

Yes I was so sore after the first 10 weeks that I had to stop for about 6 weeks. Slowly getting back into it this time. And now I do less stretching and more jelqing. I want to try clamping next week, I have a good feeling about that.

OK thanks. Yeah when I starting feeling really sore, I jumped in the shower for a like 15 minutes and that seemed to of helped a little bit, I wasn’t as sore afterwards. I think it’s so sore mostly because of my ligaments that connect to the top of my base. I could see them stretching when I was doing the exercise. But anyways, thanks for the replies.


You do not need to feel sore to make gains through PE. The “no pain, no gain” rule does not apply here.
I would suggest doing less of your stretches and perhaps do more wetjelqing. Also look at the intensity with which you are applying your techniques and decrease as necessary. Good luck.


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I am closing on my first month of PE and I have been a little sore, too. I especially notice the tenderness when I begin the next day’s PE routine. The best way to describe it is my penis is a little sore and a little tender to the touch, but NOT painful. If I ever reached the point where I felt pain, I would take a break from PE until the pain subsided.

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