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Sore vein

Sore vein

I could not post this in the injury section, so I figured I’d post it here. I have been pe’ing for about 6 months only really jelqing 100-200 times four days a week, I have really been just trying to condition my unit. When I would try something with more force I would get the turtle effect around the glands and a lot of spotting. Anyways everything has been going great for the past month, no turtle neck or spotting, I feel like I have made some very small gains. My large vein, I think it may be one of the dorsal veins has become pretty sore; the largest vein that runs on the top of my penis. It also seems to be a little harder than normal and little bump which I can feel when erect. I can actually feel the sore vein in my pelvic region close to the base of the penis, and it is only sore until about mid shaft. Any advice as to what this could be?

Oh I forgot to mention that I started doing stretches, inverted v stretch as well as fowflers whenever I can. Not sure what it is called but I have been also doing squat stretches, which I seem to get a great stretch. I did get a lig pop on the right side where the vein is located.. Hope that info helps.

You just have to be less enthusiastic in your routine.

You have seen th effects of overdoing it. so you must take it easier. It’s as simple as that.

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Is there a reason the vein may be harder than normal? I am sure I probably over did it. I was reading about thrombosed veins I am hoping I am not working myself up a little bit, over nothing.

I don’t think you have a thormbosed vein. By what you are saying, I think you just are seeing your veins growing - that’s a good thing.

Thanks!! This stinks because I am finally seeing results and now that vein is pretty sore as well as sore to the touch; guess Ill be taking the rest of the week off. As for the vein growing it looks great!! Can’t wait for the soreness to go away!

I have been paying a little more attention to my penis the last few days, the vein is still harder than normal when flaccid. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I can also feel it at the base of my penis and into the pelvic area.

Stupid Vein--information needed

I posted a few weeks ago that I may have a thromobosed dorsal vein, but I have been doing some reading on here and just have a few questions. Some of my symptoms are similar; hardened vein, soreness to the base and a little into the pelvic area. In doing some reading people were finding the clots and messaging them, feeling them pop. I am not sure if I really feel any clots, when I do run my finger up and down the vein it does feel uneven or I guess you could say lumpy. Is that a sign of clotting, is the vein suppose to be smooth? Also when I become erect the vein seems to be filling with blood just fine.

I have been doing hot and cold presses and slightly messaging the vein. I have also been taking aspirin as recommended in other posts. Any more information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

The fact that your coming erect is a good sign, I would just give it some time and keep doing what your doing. You sure it’s just not vein growth?

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My erections are great and the vein seems to fill up with blood just fine; morning wood has been great throughout this as well. I do not remember reading anywhere that a thrombose vein thwarted erections. Someone else mentioned vein growth too but it is a little sore to the touch and if I try to do any stretching it feels like the vein is not stretching and there is some mild discomfort. When this did initially occur it was sore for a few weeks, not even touching it.

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