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Sore Penis caused by girlfriend not PE!

Sore Penis caused by girlfriend not PE!

Hi all,

Have been doing the PE thing for all of about 2 weeks now and even though I was going to wait a month whipped out the ruler to see how many inches I had packed on already (joking). Didn’t expect to see any gains and a few days ago when I measured I was actually quite a bit smaller. Measured today and was about 4mm bigger so will put the ruler away for a while - unless the girlfriend wants to use it - just hope she doesn’t sniff it that’s all! When measuring do you guys keagel (sp) until your eyes pop out and then quickly take the measurement? (is that cheating?)

Also would like to mention that so far no injuries which is good as I’m taking it easy and just doing jelqing every second day and stretching quite a bit (I find that doing the “Look at me I’m a girl, tuck” then sitting in front of the computer is good as you don’t get sore hands).

Talking about sore that brings me to the subject of this post. My only penis injuries to date were caused by my first girlfriend . First off was my first blowjob, she must’ve gone into vacuum cleaner mode as it was really painful and the next day there was a massive (well looked massive) bloodspot on my knob. The second time was after doing the deed about 13 times in one weekend I burst a vein which put me out of action for a while (after 13 times it’s like trying to play pool with a piece of rope if you know what I mean). BTW 13 is probably a good guess as we only left the bedroom to get food then back into it. Can anybody claim more than that? (perhaps it’s my imagination and it was only 3 times!)

Anyways that’s enough rambling (too much Coke perhaps).


Or how about when you were younger and you would jack off until you would cum the size of exactly one rain drop.

Anybody? Or was that just me? Maybe i’m revealing too much.

But hell my handle is anonymous (and nobody can identify me), so here goes: Between 13 and 15, i would jack off ALL FUCKING DAY (when i got the opportunity) until i, literally, would cum the size of exactly ONE rain drop. It’s true.

Cumming the size of exactly one rain drop wasn’t the goal. I would just keep firing it up until that’s all i had (i’m thinking back on that and laughing to myself as i’m typing this). The good old days. When my only concern was whether i could steal enough porn to fuel a full day’s worth of jacking off. (I had to steal it. I was too young to buy the magazines.)

AND, my dick would be sore as hell the next day (ligs felt fatigued, head felt sore [kinda like the after effects of jelqing]). Unintentional PE? Maybe.

Also haven’t had luck with animals either. A few months ago I was sitting at the computer in my underwear and the cat jumped up onto my lap. Unfortunately it slid off and dug it’s claws into my dick as it was falling off. Just to keep it short there was blood/swearing and a suspicious girlfriend wondering what I was up to!

Also when I was really young a dog bit my dick when I was running around with no clothes on. After telling my girlfriend she commented “is that why it’s so short, they only managed to sew half of it back on?”. Nice ey? I could start on the other comments made by my girlfriend but I only have 3 hours to spare so not enough time (maybe this is why I’m here now).



baldric69, just imagne, if your dick is hurting just think what your girlfriends pussy looks like….. Ground Beef??????

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.

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