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Sore ligs

Sore ligs

My ligs are sore over the right-side of my unit. After PEing the last two days my unit felt exhausted however; I haven’t had any bad PIs. Actually, this morning I had a hard-on for no reason, which is uncommon for me and typical of good PIs. Today is my rest day. Should I take any extra time off? I’ve been at this for two months and three weeks. I have advanced beyond the Newbie Routine. At present, I do 2/1, then 3/1. Warm-up with a hot towel (5-10 min), stretch in every direction, upward and upward side fulcrum stretches for a minute in each direction, 100 jelqs. I repeat the fulcrum stretches every 100 jelqs and I do a total of 300 jelqs then I reheat my cock.

Also, I edged this morning and my EQ felt amazing. I also felt a tight constriction in the base of my shaft every time I got close to the edge. Again, given the information about the sore ligs and exhausted cock, should I take more than one day off?

For me, conditioning was all about the ligs.. I took extra days off a lot due to lig soreness, which I would recommend.

I also discovered light stretching several times a day helped me to get past the soreness. So I even do light stretches on days off.

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