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Sore & Inflammed

Sore & Inflammed

Hello to all my hero…..

I just start PE for only 5 days…

My baby is A OK….

But my index finger on both hand are sore and inflammed….

Does that happen to anyone???

Did I sqeeze to hard or use too much force on my index finger???

Any correct methods to prevent this happened???

Much appreciated for any answers……


Sounds like you did too much too soon, though finger or hand problemsare very rare, I would think.

I have had elbow problems, but only after a lot of very hard jelquing over many months.

Just give it time to heal, and go more gently for a while.

These are unusual exercises for our bodies to adapt to!!

But if the pain and inflammation doesn’t subside, maybe there are other problems that you should raise with your doctor.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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I had some problems with my thumbs getting sore. It got better when I started doing the inverse OK grip (palm down). I think that I was gripping way to hard as well. You really shouldn’t in the beginning. It’s also much better for your penis if you don’t work it to hard. I couldn’t get a proper erection because of this in the beginning. Be careful!

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