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sore hands from jelquing...

sore hands from jelquing...

Hi everyone,

I have a problem. after jelquing for about 20min. my hands get sore - my thumb and index fingers in particular… am i jelquing too aggressively? gains have been good, especially girth. am i doing something wrong?

21pro, how long have you been jelqing? If you are new to jelqing, then tiring after 20 minutes is likely to be expected. As long as the pressure you’re applying isn’t painful, then your good.

As a side note, please read the forum guidelines when you get a chance, especially the part on capitalizing the beginning of sentences and I’s. We try to maintain proper grammar around here for the benefit of our international community. Thanks.

My hands also get a little sore usually at the joint between my thumb and fore finger after jelqing, but as stevie said I’m putting this down to being a newbie and I think the muscle in our hands and arms will get used to it after a month or too and we will feel stronger with it. It’s what I’m hoping anyway.


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Another excellent benefit from jelqing. I have stronger hands and forearms, which has helped my golf swing. Giving me more distance off the tee. :D It’s just like any other new workout, you’re sore in the beginning.

Maybe that’s “Bob’s” secret to a great golf swing in the Enzyte commericals!

I go in 5 minute segments and shake my hands out for 20-30 seconds after each. That little break is all I need to keep going and going…

Hi 21pro,
you not only have to condition your dick but also your hands. I’m a guitar player, fairly strong, and still get very sore which especially debilitating for the stretching routine, so I can recommend you a massage to the thumb’s adductor muscle (the thick piece of flesh between your thumb and index fingers) as well to the fingers themselves, done with your other hand. Hold the muscle with the thumb and index of the opposite hand and firmly massage it with a deep circular motion.
Be patient and have good gains.

Take care,

Here’s what my guitar teacher, back in the late 70’s, used to say when my hands cramped up:

“Shake ‘em out every time you feel the pain creeping up on you.”

It works!

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Hi Uncut,

that can also be added to the PE-Iron Grip routine! Maybe Gprent plays guitar too.
You know, for me hand soreness is not a limiting factor while jelqing but when stretching really bothers me, especially on BTC’s (By the way, I’m quite passed my third eye,now). Not until today I could reach 5 min. for 3 sets.
So, as superfluous as it might sound, hand soreness is an important issue for us newbies.

Take care guys,

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