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Sore after PE

Sore after PE

Hey guys, I might be asking this a little to early but I just started PE. I started my first two days of my two months for the newbie routine. And today is my first recovery day. And my unit isn’t sore.. Maybe like a very slight un noticeable bit, but not like I thought I would be. Is that a sign that I need to train harder? Or is that what supposed to happen.

My routine is just like the newbie routine: kinda modified
5 min of heat wrap
5 min of manual stretching.. 30 second holds
10 min of jelq.. 5min dry/ 5min wet
5 min of heat wrap again..
2 min of mild manual stretch
I did not kegel though. I plan to start doing that from now on.
I have a timer, and am doing 5 min increments. No breaks in between.

I am noticeably sore when I’m done. But I also do this at night right before I go to bed. I sleep 7-8 hours a day. Wake up around 8 or 9am then I’m no longer sore.

I noticed my eq was harder than usual the day after my first PE when my girl came down. But that’s the only thing I noticed different. And that’s the only time I had a reason to load my wood. I haven’t really got an erection after that. But I usually don’t unless my girls here.

Any advice?

Hey man. I am a new member and if you have any advice to me about how to start PE in a right way pls answer me many thanks

Originally Posted by alola
Hey man. I am a new member and if you have any advice to me about how to start PE in a right way pls answer me many thanks

The best way to start is to follow the Newbie Routine. which you can click on at the top of the home page here. It explains in detail all you need to know to get started.


PS. It’s best to start your own thread, as then messages and help oget mixed up wth other members queries..

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

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You don’t have to be sore to take a day off and you don’t need to be sore on a day off :)
I wouldn’t train harder but if you’re not feeling sore on an off day then do your routine that day. Go with what your body tells you.

If you’re sore, no PE. If you’re feeling good, do PE.

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Newbie to. I was a little sore after the first couple of days.

Thanks Salad man. I appreciate the advice. And I have another question guys. I haven’t really seen this question be specifically answered on this forum, but is it OK to have sex before or after PE? And I have one last question for now. I’ve had sex and have been extremely sore afterwords, (I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about). On a good day of PE, should I be around the same soreness level?

A little soreness is normal but if it bothers you take a day off between PE sessions.

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