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Sore after Jelqing

Sore after Jelqing

I started jelqing for the first time yesterday and after today’s jelqing session I’m really sore. I’v noticed that my penis looks bigger but I don’t know if it’s because of the jelqing or because it’s swollen. My routine is.

5 Min. Warmup
15 Min. Jelqing
10 Min. Stretching
5 Min. Warmdown

I just need some info on jelqing norm’s


Its normal to feel that after staring a PE routine. It will take Henry a bit to get used to what you are doing to him. When I jelq now its hard, very hard to make him sore anymore. And yes that is a bit of swelling you see and not actual gains yet, but its a start!


Thanks, Modemmer

I just have 1 more question that you’ve probably heard over & over by newbies, My erect girth is 5” and I’m not to worried about it but I am about my length it’s 6.5” bpl does anyone know what I should do to put on length and not girth also what’s a good way to measure your member I press a ruler up against my pubic bone but man does it hurt, for me that is.

Sorry for bothering you guy’s again but after my jelqing session today I noticed some red dots on the head of my penis I know this is normal but do they come in any other color besides red because mine are dark purple almost blue. I’m glad to see them because it shows me that I’m jelqing hard enough but I don’t want to hurt myself.

Thanks for any info,


If they are not too numerous and around 1mm in size they are ok, assuming you are not having pain.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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