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Somewhat concerned

Somewhat concerned

I used the JES extender for awhile (The kind that offers different tensions and where you loop a tube behind the head of your dick to keep it on) and I’ve just recently noticed that, when not using it, the head of my dick is not warm like the shaft. Is this normal and I’m just noticing it, or might I have done some damage?

It’s quite possible that you have a noose related injury. They are infamous for the damage they can potentially cause. Take a few days off from the JES and just jelq or rest. I would be optimistic and presume that it’s just temporary. Mine is always warm unless I’ve just finished hanging, but with a few jelqs it’s back to normal. To avoid noose damage in the future, I’d recommend getting a modified head attachment from monkeybar.

Thanks, HanginB-low. I quit using the JES several months ago and nothing has changed. It doesn’t seem to have affected my love life, so I’m lucky in that regard. In my opinion, the ads for the products are dangerous. They talk about using the devise for 8 - 12 hrs/day, and brag about how strong the tension can be, but don’t give enough details about pressure/time of using them. I e-mailed them twice asking for specific info, but they just answered with their general statement about if the head turns colors or lack of sensation. It would be interesting to know if and how many people have suffered permanent damage by using the devices.


Sorry did not quite catch you there.
Is your penis` head still cold?
Do you get proper erections?

In my own opinion if you answered no to any of the above please consult an Urologist.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by Moab
Is this normal and I’m just noticing it, or might I have done some damage?

If you’ve taken good care of your penis for a while now, and it is still persisting, I wonder if it is not quite possible that it was in fact your normal condition that you did not notice until you started paying more attention because of PE. I would have expected an issue with blood flow to have improved with time on its own, and probably to have been aided by some moderate jelqing.

But perhaps someone with some extensive knowledge of what an earlier poster called “noose” injuries, will chime in - or help locate some good threads on the subject. I also notice that on a google search for “normal penis temperature” there are a couple of journal articles that come up, whose full text I apparently can’t access, and perhaps someone has had a look at such information and can tell us what the temperature should be so that you can check yourself.

Good Luck,


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Erections and ejaculations are no problem. And even after jelqing for a good while, the head of my penis still is not warm as is my shaft. However, if I hold the head in my hand for a little while, it warms up. Perhaps Frenum is right, it’s always been like that, but I just hadn’t noticed it. I would like to get some replies from others out there about the temperature of their shafts as compared to the temperatures of their heads. I’m thinking that this could be normal, but we haven’t noticed it because it’s never been brought to our attention.

I’m sure there must be some doctors who are members of thundersplace.

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