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Something to keep your scrotum tight

Something to keep your scrotum tight

Hey.. I was wondering if anyone knows of some kind of topical gel or substance that can be put on your scrotum to keep it tighter. Obviously cold water would do it, but I’m looking for something long lasting and that wouldn’t effect how my penis hangs. I’m just thinking that if you can get your scrotum going a little tighter (not not totally freezing water tight - but tighter than normal) it appears better (to me). Reason being that you penis looks bigger in proportion.

I’d love something along those lines too. When I’m hot and sweaty my penis looks smaller next to my droopy balls lol. A bit tighter and it looks a look neater and appealing. But I’m afraid I’ve hear of nothing to solve the problem.. Hope someone may have

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Funny, I am interested in ways to make my balls hang lower.

Balls need to go up and down because of healthy sperm production. But if you’re not planning to have children anytime soon, I guess it doesn’t matter? There are muscles controlling this, so I don’t know what kind of gel would make muscles behave differently.

I wish my scrotum could be a little tighter while I’m PEing. I finally started a serious PE routine, and I’ve noticed that when I jelq and start the stroke at the base, it’s very easy to grab and drag the loose skin in the turkey neck area/”top” of the scrotum along with everything else. I don’t know if it matters, but I don’t want to stretch the skin in that area :p

I had, until recently, a very strong cremaster muscle reflex. My balls were very tight right up against my body. It made my balls look significantly smaller than they were. And yes, my penis hung far lower than my balls. I could be wrong, but I think this ball tightness is a more compromising position with respect to some injuries, since it doesn’t allow balls to move out of the way. Also I always wore fairly tight briefs, very rarely boxers. I think this made it worse.

Once I began PE my balls dropped (greater cremaster muscle relaxation). Stretching the scrotal skin, dartos and cremaster muscle also helped. Wearing briefs or no underwear also helped. Aging also helps. Men’s balls usually hang more as they age. Also, the constant cremaster muscle pulling, backward and down placement, made my balls grow somewhat. Now when I do get cremaster muscle contraction, my balls hurt because they push up against me and they are somewhat bigger than before. Personally, I think there are far more advantages to having a weaker cremaster muscle reflex so the balls hang. The size of the whole genitalia is what is important. If you have a small flaccid with tight balls, it’s not likely to make your your organ look any bigger. You’re not going to fool anybody especially when wearing something tight. Be lucky with what you have. I wish I had a somewhat weaker cremaster muscle reflex. I guess, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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Like DPBig, I am interested in lower hanging balls as well. It is unusual to hear someone want theirs tighter.


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Try using a cooling gel (they normally contain menthol which tends to cool the skin).

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Originally Posted by Houstonwoods
Like DPBig, I am interested in lower hanging balls as well. It is unusual to hear someone want theirs tighter.

I was just about to post a question about this in the “Chinese penis hanging” thread. I’ve noticed even from just one week of practice that hanging weight from the base of the whole package seems to be causing my balls to hang lower and “looser” so to speak. I’m guessing it stretches whatever connective tissue holds your balls to your body? If you’re afraid to hang weight from your package (hang from balls and penis simultaneously—don’t try hanging from just balls—though I’ve read this is also possible, I think it is considered advanced even among those already somewhat eccentric Chinese truck-pullers) try just doing the stretch Tom describes in one of those threads: You encircle the whole package with your thumb and index finger in a reverse grip and gently pull the whole thing forward, away from your body (get the actual testicles out in front of the circled fingers before beginning to pull so that you’re stretching those connective tissues at the base of the balls, not squeezing the balls themselves).

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Originally Posted by Tossed Salad

Try using a cooling gel (they normally contain menthol which tends to cool the skin).

If that works as an ‘upper’, and you use too much, you may need some Ben Gay to act as a downer… ;)

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I always want mine to hang a little more. I usually wear small briefs with good support, have done so most of my life. I also started a habit many years ago of pushing my balls in to hide them while jacking off. I found that I would cum harder and often faster this way. After awhile I found that I couldn’t cum without pushing them in. But after a few weeks of refraining from doing that it’s ok. I used to also like wearing a jock such that the straps held my balls in. So, that is probably why I have balls that are very ‘tight’. I don’t particularly like that. But that might be something.

I know what probably won’t work.don’t do testicle enlarging massage. I found that not only are they getting larger, they are hanging a little looser and lower. I like that better.

I am happy with my rather big lowhangers, I’m even proud of them. But sometimes it’s more comfortable to have a tight scrotum, for example while jacking off or when wearing tight briefs. In that case I usually wear a metal cockring round my cock and scrotum. It often makes my scrotum grow tighter while my balls can’t be pushed in because of the ring. Be careful, the ring should not be too tight, otherwise you’ll have a problem removing it again. In that case cold water is the only solution, which brings us to the beginning of the whole story. Good luck!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

You are an evil man TS. ;)

I was originally going to suggest toothpaste but that gets a little messy :)

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

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