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Something to do while doing PE


Something to do while doing PE

This works for me, but I browse this website while I PE. Some interesting articles here and there and you subconsciously PE. Time flies by much faster. Might help you guys avoid having your eyes glued to the clock. Only problem I have to face is some privacy. I’ve never had to put my wang away so fast when my roommate comes back to find me in my boxers. Haha. I hope the “I just got out of the shower” holds.

I always watch television, and things like basketball games even give you a timer. I use both my hands for PE, so I couldn’t browse the internet.

I play My music, say 5 tracks of metallica that last 15 minutes for my noob PE.

I put on a DVD and leave the control panel showing so the counter shows the elapsed time. Comedies make me laugh which kills the semi so I tend not to use them but any other DVD should be fine. I have never used porn though.. I reckon it would be difficult to keep a semi if I did.

I do it in the morning while listening to the radio because I need privacy for my PE. Oh, and I need both hands, so surfing the internet wouldn’t work for me.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

While hanging, I like to play online poker. I started after watching it on TV, it’s fun and really kills time. Also get a timer. PE Timer Download

I usually watch TV or pop in a dirty video while doing PE.

TV here too.

Music, megadeth really makes the time flies up

Music helps you relax doing PE

Be carefull with that Megadeath Phyriel, no “Head” banging!!


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

Last Meas June 14 2007: BPEL (7) NBPEL (6) E .Girth(5.50) F. Length(4.125) F. Girth(4.50)

I listen to techno (long, repetitive) and just watch Winamp’s timer go by for stretching. Then I resort to porn for jelqing, so I can stay near 80% erect. If I use pictures, it doesn’t work well. I need aural stimulation along with the visual to stay really hard during repetitive, tedious PE sessions, where my stroke is much slower than if I was fucking or jerking off.

I watch TV or porn.

I chew gum and pick my nose…That’s right!, …at the same time.

I actually read this forum during one handed stretches and watch porn for Jelqing.


Start Date Nov 05 2006: BPEL (5.50) NBPEL (5.0) E .Girth(4.75) F. Length(4.00) F. Girth(4.25)

Last Meas June 14 2007: BPEL (7) NBPEL (6) E .Girth(5.50) F. Length(4.125) F. Girth(4.50)

So I’m the only one who goes groccery shopping when I got a nice vacuum going with my pump, or did I miss something?

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