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Something to add to your routine

Something to add to your routine

I read a couple years ago that your penis is a direct reflection of your current health. This was an article by Men’s health magazine stating that erection angle and hardness was related to the health of your heart, circulatory system etc. In addition to porn detox I am going to start jumping rope twice a day and taking the tons of supplements in my cabinet that has been collecting dust. I have a very strong feeling that after about a month I will once again have raging erections : ) Just thought I’d let you guys know just in case you wanna give your routine a boost.

I think there is truth to this. When I was really overweight with high cholestrol my erections weren’t very good, and I had no morning wood at all. I have started a walking routine and watching my diet since then, and things have improved a lot. In fact I would say its better than its ever been. I recently read some recommendations for diet by a taoist on mens sexual health, and mens health in general. He recommended slightly more root vegetables over fruit and leaf vegetables, and slightly more grain than what a woman should eat. Also longer cooking time, and slightly more salt. I am not sure why those particular things, but I am trying it. I don’t really like too much salt, but I have been adding it to food. Usually pink himalyian salt, or sea salt.

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