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Something new

Something new

Hey guys,

I have been lurking for a couple of months, waiting until memberships opened up, so this is me losing my TP virginity..

I am going to spend the next two months doing nothing PE related except strengthening and bulking my BC muscles.. So why is this new? Because I am using weights to do it.. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to strap a 1kg weight to my erect cock.. What I have done is put a ball bearing in a zip lock bag and hung it from my erect dick with a very loose hair tie.. I have then proceeded to ‘bob’ my penis slowly up and down, with a one second pause at the top similar to what I do when lifting weights.. The goal here is to add a ball bearing a week to the bag.

I have been doing 3 sets of 20 standing up, 3 sets of 20 laying on each side and 3 sets of 20 laying on my back (Tricky to keep the weights off your stomach but doable)

I find that as I do the set my cock loses it’s hardness so I whack off a bit between sets to keep it hard..

I have been doing this for about a month and my EQ has gone through the roof, from firm to rock hard, and whereas before I could kegel and make it very hard, now it stays that way for quite a lot longer..

Anyhow I plan to stick with this for a while and then look into some hanging/jelqing, I’ll be posting up on a semi regular basis to let everyone know how I am going.

I just think that you should walk before running..


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Sounds like an excellent kegel routine to me. :up: :up:

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I had a similar experience when I start doing kegels with a towell hanging off, as well as isometric holds against my hand. My EQ got so damn high that it hurt; I kid you not.

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Well hey, good luck, and be sure to take pictures just for yourself. That’s the moment that makes it all worth it - months and years of hard work and then finally looking at those pictures side by side. Throw away those pictures of your wife and children and keep a three by four of your dick in your wallet. It’ll get you a lot of free drinks and conversation in gay bars. They will probably make thinly-veiled sexual advances towards you involving you showing them how to do exercises. Through you’d probably just get pepper sprayed in regular bars. I go to the gays just for the attention. It helps me with my low self-esteem. And I get free drinks and dinner. It must be what being a woman feels like. I like it. Also there are a lot of drunk fag-hags and they’ll let you touch their breasts no questions asked. Oh the perks of a gay man. Seriously though, I have touched so many goddamn tits and asses and if you’ve never been to a gay bar just for the morbid curiosity or whatever, you’ve got to. I never thought I’d have so much more fun with unstable, drunk, disarmed, fearless-of-rape-and-unwanted-sexual-advances women in denial and all the gay man meat you ever saw bunched into one place like a Sam’s Club sausage pack. Just big gay sluts everywhere. Fucking amazing. It’s literally a best kept secret. I’m hoping on homophobia to still be alive or those places would be packed with straight men. And then where would I be? Where would I be?

Lol at the random reply Jack, I hate it when girls cock tease me for drinks so I’d never put a bunch of gay guys through it lol..

Thanks for the feedback to everyone else

Starting:16cm Length 13cm Girth

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