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Something new, Kegels

Something new, Kegels

I have been PEing for a while and i have achieved some good gains. 5.3 to 6.5 actually. Now Im not sure if i should switch up my routine or not. I havent been getting morning wood latelt. Its concerning me abit. Especially with negative PI. My erections have been hard though. I sometimes feel like a shotgun, and it hurts. It feels like sometimes, alittle too much blood is filled into my dick. I feel like im making progress, but i think i should switch it up abit.

my routine is
2 days on/1 off
warm up-stretch
200 wet jelqs
warm down-stretch

I want to add in Kegels to get better erections. They sometimes feel hard(only around my girfriend) and when im alone they feel only half full. I also want to work on being multi orgasmic. So does anyone see on what is wrong or what i can do???

Are those gains you EL or EG? Im assuming length, I ask because you said that you did jelgs.. Nice. Is that all you did?

Erection length. I did alot of the BTC stretch. I also tried to balloon abit, especially on the second days of my routine, so I could have my rest day to jerk off and heal.

How long exactly have you been doing this routine?

As far as being multi-orgasmic, try researching proper ballooning. I’m beginning to get into it a bit and supoosively that’s one of the main effects of ballooning. However, I read somewhere that some people simply don’t possess the ability to be multi-orgasmic. Whether that’s true or not I’m not sure.

For more often, harder erections kegels should assist a lot. A healthy diet, low stress, and limiting any porn should help as well.

Starting Stats: 7.5 x 6.0

Current Stats: 8.0 nbp x 6.125

Current Goal: 8.25 nbp x 6.25

In my opinion people put a little too much emphasis on morning wood, you’re not always guaranteed morning wood and it probably varies on a lot of things some which we might never know for sure. As long as you can get it up and it’s rock hard and in your own words, it feels like sometimes, a little too much blood is filled into your dick, then I seriously wouldn’t worry about it, worrying about it might actually make it worse. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my dick is that anxiety and worries are my erections worst enemy.

Been a bit confused on the morning wood too! As my erections got better quality I never had morning wood, but then again, I was sleeping :P never woke up before 12-13. Tried waking up 6 just to see, and yeah it was morning wood there :P

As it goes for stress, I’ve got it and if I choose to deal with it it means no more women :P and if I quit porn ill walk around horny all the time. So I say jerk off to porn, don’t bother with the stress and stick to what gives you happiness. Maybe my gains will come slower, maybe they don’t come at all, but at least I’m trying and never gonna quit, and I’m happy :)

Ive been doing the routine for awhile now. I originally started PE with an odd routine. I was over working myself so I decided to limit down on the number of jelqs and then I started to see gains. My main focus is getting a good Kegel routine that works well and can be achieved in the fastest time possible(While keeping its effectiveness).

Watch practicing being multi orgasmic, don’t edge too too much, or else you might end up with a prostate infection like I did. Just a heads up, but kegels rock. I find you don’t have to do 200 a day like they say. But thats just me.

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(Insert exceptional quote here) :P

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