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Something new and your reaction.

Something new and your reaction.

First off about the new Jelqing technique I have added that what I think has given me my 1” gain in one month.

All you have to do is apply a regular Jelqing grip. (One Ok grip on the bottom of the shaft and one below the glans or “head”.)
Squeeze tightly with both top and bottom allowing little blood flow, then with the hand you have on the at the bottom of the shaft apply great pressure then release, apply great pressure and release.
(Kind of like your pumping your penis up)
Continue your Jelq until the hand that was on the top is now on the bottom and repeat the procedure.
For maximum results after about 20 of keeping both hands tightly squeezed let the top hand have some more freedom with less pressure than before and pump the bottom hand.

Here’s some motivation for some of you who are skeptical of giving this a try. (I would like it to name it “JPing” Jelq Pumping”)
I started at 5” and am now currently at 6” long ( BPEL ) and 5” girth now at 5.4” ( EG )
If you do try it post your feelings here.

For the second part of the Thread.

When did You first notice your PE gains? Were you taken back? And did you have any injuries? Post your gains at the bottom.

I first noticed my gains last week. Some porn seemed to find it’s way to my screen and I got erect big time. I knew something was different this time so I went down to see, and HOLY COW I was way bigger than before! I was so excited I quickly found a ruler and measure 3 times because I couldn’t believe I had gained so much in just a month!
I think astonished is the way to describe my discovery.

The only “injury” I have had was a few red dots :) (silly my first session I was excited to give it a try and didn’t warm up.)

So do you mean gripping the glans and gripping the base?

I’ve basically just started and I do something quite similar just to test whats best for me, alongside the most popular stretches.

By the way, congratulations on your gains. Bravo.

Originally Posted by MitchC
So do you mean gripping the glans and gripping the base?

Well that’s the standard Jelq grip. One at the bottom and one at the top.
I’m saying of your squeeze the bottom grip,let go a bit (just bottom hand) squeeze let got a bit it’s like a pumping motion and helps the blood really get in there.

I do something similar but instead of pumping it, I kegel to bring more blood in and then apply the “ok” grip at the base every time. Allows more blood and in theory more girth.

start and gains are in my signature, although I gained another .125 NBPEL last month that is not posted I don’t know about girth yet.

It sounds kind of like your doing sort of a reverse Horse 440.

This is more interesting than I thought now that I re-read it and seems like it would be good for base girth I think I may incorporate this into my routine this month.

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Thanks Clemski. Try it and tell me what you think.

The thought came to me while I was jelqing I was looking at the huge head, and then there was the little shaft. This allows the shaft to get way more expansion allowing a fast more even girth gain.btw. :)


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