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Something keeps pulling me back.

Something keeps pulling me back.

So.. I’ve been back and forth with this site and these exercises more than anything in my life. I came for 2 months did the newbie routine, but had to go to school. I was so happy with just those 2 months though. Then I realized I could jelq and stretch at school with no problem, so I did it there for a month after maybe 2 months off. Now that I’m back home I’m starting all over again. Then it’s back to school, but hopefully I’ll have a little more privacy this time around. All I want to do is jelq and manual stretch. I’m 6.5 x 4.5 and by this time next year I want to hit my first and only goal really at 7.5 NBP x at least 5.25. I would shoot for more, but it is just too hard to do this at school, and I’m sticking to jelqing and manual stretches. I don’t even know why I’m posting right now really. I’m just bored and I’ve been lurking here A LOT the past week or so and I was just thinking “why not just start back up?” Do you guys think I’ll be able to hit that inch in length and .75 in girth through just manual exercises?

It seems you can reach just about any size with manual exercises alone (read Memento’s momentuous gain mechanism) but your goal of one year is not good. It will take the time it will take. Shooting for a set size at a set date results in injury, little else.

regards, mgus

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Yeah, that’s caught up with me once already. I’m definitely going to take it easy this time.

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