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Something I noticed after jelqing

Something I noticed after jelqing

Hi I’m new to PE and I was doing a newbie routine and noticed something. After Jelqing for 200 2 sec jelqs, I noticed some red spots on the shaft of my penis. Is that like blood ruptures or something or should I go get it checked out?

From what I’ve read that is normal when jelqing intensely. Take a few days off and ontinue but try to reduce your grip just a little bit.

First of all, Welcome from another new APR2007 member.

Take it easy! My first day of the Newbie Routine (2 days on/1 day off) I was very red and sore. After I finished the 2nd day, even more so. That night I noticed blood on my jockey shorts. I had a couple of blisters and they had broken. Being new and eager, my sessions were just too rough.

Aom91, kingpole, and many others set me straight. Now, I take my time. It isn’t necessary to strangle the sucker! Just be consistent and stick to your routine.


Personally I suggest you try the modified newbie routine located in the member pics section by user Babis.Has worked great for me and pretty much everyone who has tried is has gained .5 cm or better within 6 workouts.I gained over 1 cm in the first 6 workouts myself and Im a newbie at this.Just my opinion though what works for some may not work for others but I think you should give it a try.The best thing about it is that it doesnt over work your penis and so you will have enough deconditioning to keep growing with the easy workouts again when you start back..its 1 day on 2 day off,less is better in my opinion definitely for newbies.Anyways as far as the red spots on your shaft I would check it again in a couple days and see if they are still there..but that isnt the first time I have heard that so its probably nothing.You might want to stop Pe for a day or two to see if it goes away because it is probably the pe that is doing it and without rest could still continue to show up.Well Good luck on your gains man..take care!

Do the newbie routine or Babbis or alternate the two, just stay with something newbie for a few months.

To reduce friction lube up.
To reduce those nasty little red bumps slow up your jelqing speed. 3-5 seconds for newbies is good.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I do agree with Kingpole..maybe slowing up your jelqing would help with that or even doing a lighter grip jelq may help.Goodluck!

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