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Something for the worried

I mean FFS what did I do apart from post informative realistic information to people that are down about there size

To have two fucking morons Huff and ThunderSS Insult me. Did I abuse someone NO did I Lie NO.

So What the fuck is your problem.

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Originally Posted by mister007
Posting in epic thread.

Ditto, I thought I caused a ruckus yesterday with SCP, but did a doctor just call a the forum admin a “fucking idiot” and “moron.”

fister, no disrepsect, but this is HIS playground. At the end of thr day, that's all that matters lol.

Oh man, here we go. Ladies and Gentleman, please keep hands, feet and penises inside the vehicle at all times.

First it was THIS
it was THAT

lol, lighting just struck

(Posting in epic thread)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

I’m interested in why he was interested in psychology after this display.

Originally Posted by fister
Heres a follow up for all those cynical not my words.. But something to see and not worry so much

Porn stars are the same as anyone else, it is called magnified lenses which makes them look larger and there is also the fact they use pumps to make it larger, but on average they are 5 to 7 inches like most men, believe I know I work for an adult outlet and sell all this stuff!

Again not my words but may help people worried about there size not knowing it’s actually a psychological feeling not a physical one..

The small penis syndrome is more like a state of mind than a true, valid disease. People who suffer from actually have a clinically normal penis size, but the fact that they feel ashamed and extremely depressed because of their size led specialists to talk about a syndrome.

However, this kind of psychological condition doesn’t appear out of nowhere; it’s generated by a physical disorder or a developed psychosis. That is why the first thing recommended for those who believe that they have a really small penis is counseling therapy, followed if necessary by drugs and/or surgery. Anyway, the last two options are not that attractive, considering that there’s nothing truly wrong with the size and that everything is happening in the patient’s mind.

Nobody in porn is 5 inches

Originally Posted by Smallie

Nobody in porn is 5 inches

I’d beg to differ. :)

Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
I’d beg to differ. :)

In amateur porn yes, any other porn, no way.

Originally Posted by Smallie

In amateur porn yes, any other porn, no way.

There’s a LOT of porn out there remember. But if your talking about the “top male pornstars” group, then yeah your right.

Can somone explain why this guy would pose as a doctor then get pissed about being called out on it? I mean hell, the man can’t even spell and I’m meant to believe he’s a medical professional? Also, I don’t think m(any?) urologists would try p.e.

Originally Posted by huff
urologist from Bullshit U.

I know I feel much better about myself having been lied to by an illiterate clown posing as a urologist.

Exactly, he should charge!!!!

Running a Massive Co-Front.


A quick look at Mr. Fister’s small number of posts sheds more light on the lack of validity in his claims. That is, unless he got his urology degree from a mail-order firm from the back of a bad magazine

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Porn is fake. If any one search in google about the scenes behind porno movies. You will see girls crying from these cocks. From pain, Disrespect, Treated like shit. Every scene in porn that you watch in 20 30 minutes it takes from one week to one month to shoot it. It’s not fun, Girls don’t enjoy it. You think about it we all know god loves us. And he gave us the best body parts and senses between all the other creatures on this planet. Big penis guys for big vagina girls. Small penis guys for small vagina girls. There is many many girls that cannot take more then 4 inches length that’s their end.

The idea is (MOST) not all guys whose in PE business, They do it because of what they see in porn. Some are real matured guys, they do it for them self’s For the health of their penis, Having a small or bigger penis is not something good or bad. It’s how you use it in the end, you must know how to use it.

I mention earlier today that I tested 3 sex toys On 3 females. Each toy is different size in girth. One 5.1, Second 6.5, third 6.8.

I’m not gonna lie to you All of them fitted down there. But Which one was the most satisfying? Surprisingly !! 5.1 inches. All of them Had the same opinion. Big is nice but no no I prefer the smaller, I asked why? All of the individuals answered the same, I cum harder with the smaller one. But they told me that they do like the stretch feeling only while they are cumming. To feel it harder, Not during the entire intercourse. I hope this may help some guys who life in porno world. No matter what we do. It’s always about the individual. Someone who love you will never take what you have between your legs more then just a penis.

And just a note. With the three toys, I was stimulating the G spot, And the most effective one was the smallest. Because I felt the Toy bending.

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