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Someone Teach me about Clamping

Someone Teach me about Clamping

Hey guys

I have heard clamping helps you get girth. I have tried to search how to do it, but no luck. Can someone explain to me? I saw some clamping starters wrote that they bought wire clamps for this excercise?

Please help.

Thanks in advance

If you used our search feature, button top right of every page, and used the word “clamping” in the search term box then you should have found something. Even if you didn’t actually do a search, the forum software automatically does one for you (see the short list below called “similar threads.” Your English seems fine, so I don’t understand what the problem is with you finding threads on this very common subject.

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Hey Dear ModeratorS

First thanks wesla for the great links

Second thanks ThunderSS’s warning. As for China in my location, it is because I am Chinese(but I was born in America). Just for the kicks lol.


More question on clamping. So Clamping is just basically “choking” your penis in order to keep more pressure, which in turn will permanently increase your penis’ girth? Am I correct? If it is, would like a piece of robber rope or things like that replaceble of the Cable wires? Just wondering, I wouldn’t try that unless you guys say okay


Trust us when we say you should give it a bit more time before even thinking about clamping. Stick with the newbie routine for awhile until your penis is properly conditioned. Give it time, this is not one of those BS gain 3 inches in 1 month scams. It’s possible it can take years to get where you want to. Be realistic AND smart. Don’t blow it by injuring yourself because you couldn’t wait. Sorry to sound so preachy.

By the way, props to everyone here that helped me this far! You know who you are.

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