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Someone. Please save me before I go Insane. sigh

Someone. Please save me before I go Insane. sigh

Before I get into what is driving me insane I will give a little info on myself.

I have been reading about PE for years now, never took the plunge because I never really had much interest in it plus I figured I was still young.
Now at the age of 22 and getting into the best shape of my life I decided I would give it a go!! Not looking for huge gains mainly in length between 1-2 inches.
After tons of reading I was like that seems doable and was willing to put the work in. Then I found the motivation killers :(

I started reading on LOT testing. Finding something new I had to dig for more info on it and I did. I found out what my LOT is and went from there.
Now all I have seen is back and forth answers about what people with a low lot should do. My lot is about 6:00 Straight down..

After reading on how One with a low LOT should focus on the tunica I went into search mode to gain more information on this.

Now I am so confused Idk wtf I’m doing. I was going to start out with the newbie routine but from all the things I have read
Some make it sound like it could benefit me and it could also not benefit me. I sure as hell don’t want to start something that will lead me nowhere.
So I wanted to make sure I was doing the best PE routines for me and at this point I have no idea what that would be.

Is LOT just a theory and I should not put so much thought into it? Can I get the gains I want starting with the newbie routine and moving up
As I gain more experience? Or is there something else I should focus on to get the max potential Gains wise?

Seriously I am confused right now

Forget about Lot. It was one guys theory that got a lot of attention when he introduced it a long time ago, but there is no proof that it has any significance in how you make gains doing PE.

Start with the Newbie Routine. Do nice moderate routine where you don’t hurt yourself and you will start to see positive results. This program does take time a dedication though, because after all you trying to modify a body part and that just isn’t easy.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for the response! That answers a lot because I was wondering why I could not find a lot of info on LOT
And began to assume it to be just a hardcore theory. I did start the newbie routine on monday so I guess I
Will go with it and see where it takes me..

Thanks again

Yeah, just start on a newbie routine, take it slow, and adjust as you go. Work with what your body tells you.

Originally Posted by room2improve

That answers a lot because I was wondering why I could not find a lot of info on LOT

No pun intended right? :)

I doubt 6:00 is your LOT. Your LOT is when you see the first sign of less tugback, not complete loss of tugback. So you start from 12:00 and go down until you first see loss of tugback and that is supposed to be your LOT.

Start out with the newbie routine. After the newbie gains stop, do more research and figure out what you want to try next.

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Hey room!

First of all, take it easy. On your mind and your penis. Definitely start with the newbie routine, because it is good and a must for 2 reasons - it will make your dick bigger and healthier (you may just be one of those lucky newbie gainers), but it will also condition your penis.

As for the LOT theory, it is still just a theory. But if your erection points downwards, then further down the road of PE you may decide to skip hanging, because it is shown that it lowers the erection angle.

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Dude, honestly, what do you have to lose!? You’re too invested in the outcome already.

Just put in the work: If you start PE and it doesn’t work you’re not losing anything. If you start PE and it does work than you will have gained something. You have a case of paralysis by analysis. Just start, beats not doing anything. Like others have said LOT is ONLY a theory - it’s not a steadfast law. Heck, to the mainstream (despite what we all have in common) PE is bunk science. Make your own rules.

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Do you guys not read the latest threads? This was discussed last week.

Here, again, is my response regarding LOT.

westla90069 - LOT and Newbie routine

We really need to consider removing the references to this from the Newbie reading list.

No worries sir, just start PEing! Start out with a basic n00b routine and see where it takes you. You have a very good chance of gaining from that alone. If so, you may well spend your entire PE career doing nothing other than the basics.

If that doesn’t work for you; or, if it stop’s working for you? Then go ahead and incorporate trickier stuff or switch to hanging.

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Don’t worry about lot. If you have a high erection angle and lots of “inner penis”, you have lig gains.

If you have a low erection angle, and hardly any “inner penis” you don’t have a lot of lig gains.

LOT testing” was a theory designed to determine how much lig gains you have. You can estimate this by feeling around and figuring out how much internal penis you have.


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