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someone please explain how to jelq

someone please explain how to jelq

can someone please explain how to jelq



The first thing you should do is warm up your member with some form of heat for ten minutes (ie Hot Wrap).

You can probably do this sitting or standing, though most say sitting is probably more effective. You will need to apply some lube to your shaft (Vaseline, baby oil, hand lotion, or whatever you have handy).


The idea is to force blood, with pressure into the balloon type canals in the penis. The way to do that is to make an ‘OK’ sign with your thumb and forefinger and starting at the base of your member, squeeze it as you move your hand towards the glans, forcing the blood toward the glans. As your hand gets to the glans, right behind it, let go while starting your other hand at the base again, and keep alternating your hands.

You can do this with palm up or palm down. The amount that your penis is erect while you do this stresses it in different ways. Doing this exercise while flaccid doesn’t do a lot, you want to have some blood in there to work with. 50% or less erect will work the head a lot and work the lengthening process of your PE workouts. 70 to 80% erect works in favor of developing girth, and is a little tougher on the hands.

Remember, you are putting stresses on your joint which it has never had before, so be very careful. If you feel any sharp pains, reduce pressure or take a break. Picture taking a long balloon half full with liquid and the stress you can put on the end of it by milking it in this way.

Take it easy at first. 15 minutes is sufficient for your first time. You will want to increase your workout time as your penis becomes accustomed to the jelqing. Hopefully within a week or two you will be able to jelq for 30 minutes, and eventually you will be able to go for as long as you wish. Remember to take rest days. If you are sore, take a day off, so that your body can recover. This is when the growth takes place.

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thank you


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what exactly is a hot wrap??? Can i just put like a hot towl or sumthing?

To make a hot wrap, the first step is to search the site for “hot wrap”. Its pretty easy. Also, a lot of guys use a rice sock. Others do use a hot towel if that suits you.

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A hot wrap is anything that warns the tissue of the penis with moist heat. The traditional hot wrap is a face cloth soaked with warm water, but alternatives are things like a rice sock (sock filled with raw rice, microwaved for a short period), steam, heating pads etc.

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