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Someone describe a perfect jelq


Someone describe a perfect jelq

I hear allot of people say “I don’t jelq for 10-15 minutes, I make sure I do 100/200 perfect jelqs.”
I have worked it out that in 1 minute of wet jelqing - using a rhythmic motion (constant left hand, then right and so on. Same timing) I do 40 jelqs. So in 10 minutes it’s roughly around 400 jelqs. If I’m using proper technique, then all my jelqs regardless should be “perfect” jelqs true?

I use the “reverse A-Ok sign” It’s where you take your thumb and index finger, do the “A-OK” sign and jelq from the base of the dick to under the head. Does anyone else use this method?
With this method, it is hard to actually see the head of the penis because your view is constantly blocked by the back of your hand whilst you are doing it. I believe many people judge the success of their jelqs based on how much they see their head expand at the end of a jelq, this is the way of measuring a good jelq is this true?

When I grab the penis at the base jelq, it feels like a little bubble or something that follows my grip - like it feels like whatever pressure I have with this grip is actually being pushed down to the gland. Is this a good jelq? My dick always does look nice and inflated and lots of nerves at the end, so that is from the jelqing, not the stretching obviously?

So what I am asking is how do you rate the success of a good jelq, without actually being able to view the glands whilst jelqing? Thank you

For me a good jelq has the maximum amount of expansion and pressure. It takes the perfect percentage of an erection to achive this. So it’s this amazing balance of maintaining the erection the right percentage and making sure I dont pull a vein in the process.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Hmm, interesting. I have never been good with my percentages, but I will jelq anywhere from semi to probably 80% or so. I only don’t jelq when it’s feeling like it’s going to go totally hard.
But without being able to visibly see the effect my jelqing is having on my glands, is there anything you should feel?
It feels like the pressure or force you put on your cock from the initial grip, bottlenecks down the shaft, with the flow of my hand.

Is this the blood being pushed down to the glands, resulting in a successful jelq?

I have always jelqed with my hands until I made one of these only just recently. Homemade Power JELQ

The learing curve on this is a fraction of jelqing with you’re hands. Not only that you can jelq with lots more pressure, and you’re hands dont hurt afterwards.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Read the thread, very interesting. I will make one of these power jelqers in due time; They do seem, and by all accounts to be superior to the hand jelqs.
But for now the hands are doing the trick and when I am over using the hands, I will consrtuct one of these.

Anyway I think that indirectly answers my question; I figure I am doing it right, because as it reads off paper, I am jelqing right, and if correct jelqs can be obtained by one of these things (with no real guess work), then I assume Its all good.
Planing to wet jelq till any newbie gains slow, then when it’s time to change, this Power Jelqer is the ticket.
Cheers. Oh how did you go with the power jelqer? Have you perfected it yet?
Oh and one more thing, is that you in the picture Pud? Anybody ever tell you you look like David Grohl (Foo fighters)?

I have only been using the thing for about a month now. Sometimes when jelqing with the PJ the pressure is quite extreme. I’ll just say this, it works so well I go very slow to make sure something doesnt burst.

No thats not a picture of me, I found it online and thought he looked like a pud.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I also use a reverse grip for jelqing. I alternate between the traditional two-handed technique and a one-handed reverse jelq grip during my jelqing sessions.I feel the reverse method allows me to grip more at the base.


Your avatar looks like Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (RIP) from the Stern Show.

I haven’t been doing this for very long, but I don’t really like to count how many I do. I go for quality, not quantity. Each stroke takes from 3 to 5 seconds for me.

Since I’m trying to focus on girth, I tend to do mine with a relatively high erection level……around 80%

-Someone describe the perfect jelq.

I’m butt-naked, and a :hot: chick is jelqing my dick for me. I could care less if her technique is off a little. :jelq:

It took me more than 4 month to figure out what a good jelq is. He will know it when you get there. From my opinion, it takes alot of time in developing some degree of “mastery” at every exercise you do.

Therefore, since you have only been pe-ing for a short time, just continue and learn as you do the jelqs. You’ll see, you will figure out the “perfect jelq” that works best for you over time.


I think the perfect jelq was defined by secjay in another thread describing using your girlfriend’s vaginal muscles instead of your hands:

Originally Posted by secjay
Give your girl a workout simultaneously - push in, she clamps down, you pull out, she relaxes. Repeat a few thousand times. The ultimate jelq ;)

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

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Has anyone ever had sex with a granny here? Perhaps they can remove their teeth and clamp down.. for that deep jelq.

I’d consider getting it on with a geriatric

Originally Posted by d_sut
Has anyone ever had sex with a granny here? Perhaps they can remove their teeth and clamp down.. for that deep jelq.

I’d consider getting it on with a geriatric

Here you go. You can use her for your test subject. :D

Another Juicy ASS to sink your teeth into

Don’t look at your link or you run the risk of having your penis fall off.


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