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somekind of blister/chaffing on my shaft

somekind of blister/chaffing on my shaft


After extensive jelqing i got a spot on my shaft where the very top skin layer came off or something like that (like when you get a sun burn only even milder). After that skin came off it remained like a pink spot. I took a short break from jelqing (4-5 days) and it didn’t go away… not being able to stop PE-ing I got back to jelqing. The pink spot remains and to the touch is a little rougher than the rest when dry. When wet/lubricated it’s barely visible, also when erect it’s hard to notice (when all the skin is stretched).

Now, my question, other that did anyone else experience something similar, would be if I should wait until completely gone or to continue jelqing/other forms of PE. It’s really hard for me to stop PE-ing now :( .

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

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my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

Yikes, I believe I would stop until it healed up completely.

I have a dry patch close to the head or better to say I had a dry patch. It didn’t bother me at first but one day it bled just a little bit. Of course just a little bit of blood from my cock anywhere is a concern to me so I stopped until it got dry again and then applied a lotion to my entire penis every night. Looking at the patch now it softer and just a little bit different colored than the rest.

I’d suggest just applying lotion to it before you go to bed and see if that helps.
I’ve actually gotten into the habit of doing it every night just because it makes my cock look healthier.

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Just sounds like a little chaffing. What do you use as lube for the jelqs. If its soap you need to use something else.

Applying lotion like Yoyototo said is what you should do. Be prepared though cause if its bad chaffing then its probably going to burn when you apply the lotion.

I don’t think this is something to be that worried about. Just make sure to use some good lube ( Vaseline,lotion of any kind, or Ky) and if you notice your skin drying make sure you put some lotion on it.

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I’m using baby oil. The chaffing isn’t that bad….

I’ll go buy some kind of lotion to put at it at night.

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

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