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Some uncommon questions before I get started.

Some uncommon questions before I get started.

Greetings thundersplace, I want to start my journey on PE but have a few pressing questions that will decide whether I will even start. I have tried searching threads and have been lurking for a while now. Some of my concerns are opposite of what others look for, making it difficult to find answers, if they exist. I’m usually not the person to post in forums, but it seems the answers will always elude me otherwise. I would really like to get an experienced opinion for where to start based on my concerns. I’ll list them here most to least important.

1) My penis has a tilt. I find this to be the most annoying thing about myself physically. I have an ocd/perfectionism mentality going on and it is the most unsymmetrical thing that doesn’t need to be on my body. I was wondering if this can be fixed with PE. No, my penis is not curved, it’s as straight as an arrow. This is what made searching for this difficult. If you were looking at a penis, its orifice should be perpendicular to the ground, a 0 degree, or no tilt. If The orifice were parallel, 90 degree tilt. Mine is tilted almost halfway, almost 45 degrees when fully erect, and it irks the crap out of me. I realize it doesn’t matter when it comes to sex, but that’s not why it annoys me. I have only found a few threads on this and no concrete answers.

2) I’m a grower, not a shower. Unlike most, I want to keep it that way. When I searched for this, everyone asked how to get flaccid gains. This confuses me: to my understanding, it seems natural to get flaccid gains when doing PE. I want to know if it’s even possible to maintain a flaccid length while getting good erect gains. The optimal situation would be if there were a way to decrease flaccid length while getting erect gains. This concern seems most unanswerable. I fear no one has even tried and it would be impossible to get a bigger penis without shedding the grower nature.

3) Speaking of curves, I want one. Ironic eh? My penis is straight, I want it to curve slightly up. I find it attractive. It seems easy enough to get rid of an unwanted curve, you jelq against it. But as my penis is straight I don’t really have anything to jelq against.. I want to know if anyone has ever done this, seems plausible but I don’t want to get hurt.

4) Lastly, my penis has some pretty nasty discoloration. There is a whole huge thread on it, I know, I just want to know if there’s any kind of consensus. I’d also like to know any causes.. I have never done PE before so it can’t be that. At first I thought it was some STD, my penis is fully functional otherwise though. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t bleed. My penis has not even touched another person so it can’t be that. I guess that leaves masturbation. The sensitivity in my penis still seems good, despite masturbating more than average, being circumcised, and jerking it without lube. I have a pretty modest grip so I don’t see how masturbation caused so much discoloration either.

Thanks for reading my post and if you can give insight, please do. I really want a bigger penis, but honestly I am pretty satisfied with my stats. I’d strangely take symmetry over length and girth.

1) My penis has a twist as well. It is normal.

2) I am a grower too. I have made some flaccid gains but I still am a grower. I doubt PE can turn us into show-ers, that is not how we growers are built.

3) You are either born with an upward curve or you are not.

4) My penis has lots of color variation, that is how it was issued from the factory. All in all it is darker than my body. Again, all normal.

Originally Posted by Artaxerxes
My penis has not even touched another person so it can’t be that.

Part of concerns about your penis probably come from this … your lack of experience. Once you get some experience under your belt I doubt you will feel the same way.

Also, nobody is perfectly symmetrical. Some are more symmetrical than others, but it is what it is. Don’t worry about it. Again, normal

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