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Some thoughts from a returnee

Some thoughts from a returnee

Been a member for about 18 months but not really engaged with PE on a regular basis for over a year and want to give it another go this year.

Thought it would be helpful personally to mark this with my observations at this time. I also notice from my stats that I’d got up to about 6 3/4” last time, I’m about 6 1/4 now!

For what it’s worth this is what I think I learnt from 18 months intermittent activity.

It seems to me that regular PE optimised my dick’s appearance and performance. Without a regular simple routine my experience was that this declined

Getting big healthy erections is closely related to my overall level of fitness/health. When I work out and exercise/eat well my dick looks better/bigger.

Smoking is bad for my dick -

Drinking lots of fluid is good for my dick, particularly flacid.

Jelqing nightly gave me a fatter dick, especially when flacid which did my overall self esteem a lot of good

Going to try to get a daily routine in place again to get back the 1/2 ” I have lost and hopefully get the 7” cock I originally targetted.

Good luck with the new program, Jordan. Maybe you can keep your PE regular this time? That helps a lot.



Much luck in reaching your objectives. Find all the motivation you can to continue PE.

>Smoking is bad for my dick<

Don’t smoke with your dick then.

I don’t know why this seems to cause people problems. I think there is a large placebo element - people think smoking should fuck up their erections, so it does.

To borrow a line from Thunder:

“Me, I smook tabs ‘l dey ‘nd ‘l night even when I’me sleepin’, and I ken ram threw teh blokes in a rue and het pussy wit’ my dick, ya soft twat”

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Welcome back! It seems that you made excellent gains previously. You will quickly be back to full strength (I mean length) and beyond. How long did you follow the newbie routine? What exercises did you add later?

Thanks for the encouragement.

I used the newbie routine for about 4 months - just incorporating some 2 handed V stretches. I did stick to this as a regular routine which no doubt contributed to the gains I had last year. My main problem was related to the limited amount of time I wanted to spend each day which meant that my initial gains plateaued and I failed to kick on.

Memento - I stick by my smoking comment, I started smoking again in September and experienced a definite decline in my dick’s health as indeed my overall health. It wasn’t the only factor but definitely a contributor, besides a placebo analagy simply doesnt fit. If the dick shot up and down on the basis of placebo we could all forget PE and concentrate on positive thinking.

Some medical opinion I pulled off ASH


That’s a good article Jordon. Not that I smoked before, but this gives me all the reason not to even consider.

Just a quick update now its a couple of weeks into my new programme. I’m basically looking to get from 6” - 7”. I got half way then stopped about a year ago.

I’m going to measure on the first of Feb so its all a bit anecdotal at the moment. I’d welcome any other 6 - 7” journey boys who want to join me!

Basically I see this period as a time to recondition my dick to some meaningful stress/pressure on the ligs. I am pretty sure I cleared 6.5” and some in the bath last night though I had been jelqing. That would be a 1/4” turnaround since the new year. May even put some pics up this time.

Initial target is to get to 7” by 1st August - Its an arbitrary date but I like something to focus upon.

No real flacid recovery yet which is a bummer but that had pretty well settled at 4 - 5” anyway though I’ve lost last years regular flacid girth.

Hard ons are definitely firmer and I am enjoying persistent morning wood thanks to daily kegels

Ok - Ramble over


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