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Some questions

Some questions

I’m 33 and I have been using PE techniques since 10 years, mostly stretching, and some, as we say Jelqing, but since finding this forum & PEForums a year ago I’ve been jelqing & stretching more regularly (say twice a week), which is, what people here would say, not enough, but I always feel tired for a few days after jelqing.

I started at 6” BPEL & 4.5” EG, now 10 years later, don’t laugh, It measures 5.5” BPEL & close to 5” EG.

So, as you see, I didn’t have lots of success, besides I lost erect length due to formation of a curve.

The left side of my penis has actually shrunk, if I jelq I can feel tissue expanding on the right side, but the left side feels like a ligament, no tissue at all.

Besides, I’ve been seeing a urologist, which concluded that I have peyronies dissease, and opted me for a operation called nesbit procedure. Since I allready read about peyronies, and this procedure actually destroys the “other good half of my shaft” I’ve never went back to this butcher.

Now, my question’s are..

* Are there more people here who have peyronies from long-time PE techniques, and did you gain anoything after getting this disorder ?

* Is it normal that during & after jelqing, doing kegels does nothing ? I mean I can rise my erect penis by doing a kegel, during or after jelqing, when I kegel nothing happens.

* I seriously thing PE is nothing more than souping up the ability of the penis to stretch, so that it expands to it’s fullest possible, and after that all techniques will fail ? I mean, I thing actual *growth* does never occur after puberty, only stretching out what allready is there happens, and finally things end up with injury.

Sorry for my bad english & thanks for helpfull replies !

Anyone ?

Hey KongDing, sorry no replies yet.

I don’t know about Peyronies experiences with PE. Have you searched yet? :search:

I’m not sure what you mean about kegels - you say kegeling raises your penis, but that kegeling also does “nothing”?

Most would disagree with you that one cannot build new tissue through PE after puberty, but theories on PE growth certainly vary.

What kind of manual stretchs did you do KongDong? And how did you jelq in detail? And where did you learn PE from?

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