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Some questions...

Some questions...

Hi, I have several questions about the penis

1) Since I’m uncircumsized, when I pull back my foreskin to reveal the head, the entire head is very sensitive and rather annoying… Is there any way to get rid of the sensitivity, or minimize it?

2) I’ve heard but I’m not sure: when an uncircumsized guy gets an erection, is the foreskin supposed to be automatically pulled back (maybe ~75% revealing the head)?

3) When doing stretches, can anyone describe how it’s “supposed” to feel so I know I’m doing it properly (stretching the ligs instead of the skin)… I’m worried I’ve been only stretching the skin, because I’m not quite sure how it’s supposed to feel if you’re stretching your ligs.

Thanks :)

The skin of the corona with its texture and nerve endings is designed to be sensitive, if you want to desensitize it to some degree there are topical jells to deaden the nerve endings. I am not sure how this effects your PE routine?? Yes, the foreskin will pull back to some degree during an erection but the amount of the head exposed will vary from person to person based on the amount of skin and size of erection. During hanging or stretching it is difficult to avoid skin stretch as it is part of the physiology that you are affecting, however, if you pull back the skin prior to securing your attachment device you will eliminate excess skin that will interact in the hanging or stretching process. The skin is very elastic and will be coming along for the ride but pulling back will bunch the skin away from the stretching apparatus and therefore applying more stress on the ligament and less on the skin. You will know if you effectively stressed the ligament upon finishing your exercise routine, your penis will be quite fatigued and limp from the rigors of applying excessive stretch. If you are stretching the skin too much you will feel pain or bruising around the skin i.e. surface trauma/redness, or visible light lacerations from too much skin being pinched or twisted.

Thanks for replying.

The sensitivity affects my PE routine because it would limit me to leaving the foreskin over the head… But I was wondering if there are any ways I can desensitize it? I’m trying to just leave it unpulled during the day; which hasn’t been working for the past 1 day I’ve done it… There aren’t any dangers in doing this, are there?

And for the stretches, I’m not using a device… Just my hand. So is it supposed to feel the same way? I do feel fatigue from the rigors of applying excessive stretch, but I do feel pain… So I’m not quite sure what’s going on there.

Hi Celafuzi
Being a old timer in my late 50s Most likely the age of your Dad.I was always told to peal it back so it can stretch the for-skin.

1) Being like you the head was so sensitive.I started to keep it pealed during the day but got use to it after a while
rubbing against my underwear. but note that being sensitive you would have a hard on most of the time.
Keeping it pealed I lost some of the sensitive so then I was able to touch the head with very little sensitivity.
***But to tell you the truth I wish I kept all that sensitivity.That is why we are the the lucky ones to be uncut.
Keep touching that head with your fingers and you will get use to it. its another training. and before you know it
you could stretch using the revealed head.
2) When I get an erection my foreskin is pulled back. but not true fore everyone. Thats why when I was young I was told to peal it back
so I can stretch it and to clean it with only water no soap. Its like your tung you would’t but soap on it to clean it That to is sesative
3) When I stretch I pull back the foreskin and pull the head and do my kegels
Thats why I said to touch that head so you can get use to it.(Traning) I do mostly dry Legs its easy having a foreskin.

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