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Some questions


Originally Posted by NebulousCrotch
I’m not questioning you here, because you’re a mod, and I respect your superior body of knowledge….

You can question anytime, mods (or vets in general) are not supposed to have perfect knowledge of PE.

Originally Posted by NebulousCrotch
…..But how can I know, for my own future benefit, whether the CS or CC is retaining fluid?…

Eyes and feeling should be enough to notice where the pressure is going. Inflating CS serves to nothing but creating risks for the urethra.

Originally Posted by NebulousCrotch
Also, I notice in Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism he utilizes Horse440s. I can only assume he experienced some significant growth from his own program. Do you think the growth he experienced just came from the dry jelqs and modified sadsaks?

There are several exercises in that routine, so hard to say what worked and what not. Beside that, one single case will never say anything significative.

Originally Posted by memento

Horses enlarge the CCs. It’s a simple mechanism and nothing to do with evacuation of the glans, which isn’t helpful, it’s to do with trapping as much blood in the CCs as possible and then restricting that blood to a smaller portion of the CCs by crushing the top end. ….

I am not sure we are referring to the same exercise than:

Originally Posted by Horse440


Pump as much blood as possible into you penis (don’t worry if it’s not TOO hard at this stage, you only want it REALLY hard at the very last set).

Grasp with one hand at the base, doing a torniquet, as tight as humanly possible.

Wait a second, let go ever so slightly of the torniquet hand - kegel hard - close the torniquet hard again.


Make a tiny little ok sign with your index and thumb. I mean TINY - half a centimeter or less.

Now star at the very tip of the head and slide that tight ok sign down your penis until it’s past the head. Hold it there for ten seconds.

Obviously your tiny ok sign is going to have to loosen up a bit to be able to slide down the head, but keep it as tight as you can, thus moving all the blood you pumped into the head down to the shaft.

Your shaft will thicken up considerably.

Let go of the torniquet hand first, slowly, then the hand at the head.

Repeat the milking/jelqing.



A more concise description in that very same thread:

Originally Posted by Cali_Man33

so guys,

In a nutshell, he is forcing the blood from the head into the shaft, correct?

(And since he has applied the Tourniquet at the base, the blood has nowhere to go but to expand the shaft itself.)

This is the basis, right?


I think when people speak of Horse440’ is having in mind this exercise.

I do Horse440’s and have gotten great gains. With that written, I agree with Marinera that the original way they are described probably won’t do too much for anyone. The way I do them is I get an erection that is about 80% and form a tourniquet at the base with my right hand. I then release the grip, do a hard kegel and then reapply it. Instead of doing the milking motion described by Horsse440 in the original post, I just squeeze the glans and the area of the shaft right below it. Since the CCs extend into the glans (about 1/3 of the way), I’m essentially squeezing both ends of the CC with the Horse440. This creates a tremendous amount of pressure in the CCs for myself. When combined with the blood being forced into the CS, this exercise produces an incredible amount of pressure and expansion. I’ve done jelqing, clamping and Horsse440s and I personally attribute most of my girth gains to Horse440s.


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