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Some questions before I start PE

Some questions before I start PE

I’ve been on this site for a while, but haven’t started PE yet. I looked through the forums and it’s pretty convincing, but I’m still not sure about starting PE yet. I have a couple questions though. How long does it take at maximum to see the effects of PE?

How can you tell if you’re overworking your penis? I have a LOT of 7:30-8. Does that mean I am an easy grower or a hard grower?

Ok to start with everyone is different there is no guarantee that it will work, but for most it does. Some see a lot of initial newbie gains. This may be a half inch in the first couple of months. Others have to tweak there routines until they find the right exercises to suit there penis and see gains.

Secondly, the best way of seeing if you are over training is to use the PI indicators outlined in the newbie starting guide (you can find that yourself in the newbie forum). These are indicators to monitor you penises health. Positive PI’s generally equals good potential for gains.

And finally, LOT theory is now dismissed by many. I have a LOT of around 7 but am confident my tight ligaments will mean I find it easy to gain. More than anything, take your time on the newbie routine, get your penis used to PE and that way avoid injury.

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19052010 said it perfectly.

Don’t get too excited just start slow. Gains will come. If you go slow you have a low chance of overworking and injuring yourself.

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