Some progress but scared of turkey neck & scarring

This is my first post here and just wanted to say y’all seem like a great community. I came across the forums a few years back (I’m 24 now) but never really had the time & space to commit myself to this endeavor until more recently. Few months ago I re-discovered this place and decided to really dedicate myself to the art of PE this time. In the past 2 months I’ve spent on average about 3-4 days a week PE’ing with some minor success.

Starting: 6.2 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG
Current: 6.6 - 6.75 BPEL x 4.6 MSEG x 5.125 BEG

I attribute the gains to probable differences in measuring / better EQ / some actual gains. I definitely feel like I’ve seen a consistently longer / fatter flacid hang which makes me happy. Length is a little bit above average, but I honestly don’t feel big at all. I press as hard as I can with BP measurements; NBP I’m probably about 6.1-6.2 which just doesn’t feel that impressive to me. Girlfriend has no complaints, says my penis is great, so I’m kind of doing this for myself. Though I honestly do think she would enjoy a bit more.

Routine: Newbie routine. Started with just wet jelqing ~10 minutes for the first week or two, then added 5 minutes of stretching. I generally do a 5 min warm wrap before stretching, then before jelqing to keep myself nice and warm.

A week ago I decided to kick it up a notch. Did my stretching, and added in horse 440’s, about 5 sets of those for 20-30 seconds each. Also jelqed for about 15 minutes. In retrospect I really shouldn’t have tried the horses for so long, I read up on them more after and saw lots of warnings. No real damage or anything, not even any soreness, but I did notice this new line coming down from my urethra. A very thin protruding line running from my meatus down to about where my scarring is (I’m cut). Not very scary, but somewhat noticeable.

I don’t think I’ve had this line in the past, and I’d venture to guess it came from the horses. Researching this forum I remember somebody reporting the same thing, and they said it took about a year and a half to go away (meh).

On top of this I noticed my turkey neck had gotten a little more obvious, I believe from the wet jelqing. I had never really thought about the idea of a turkey neck in the past, but now it’s kind of stuck in my head after reading through these forums so much (go figure). I don’t think I have a horrible one, it’s not very noticeable when I am flacid, but it’s just begun to bother me more.

I got a little scared after noticing these two developments and decided to take a break over the last week. I’m a little hesitant to start again in fear of exacerbating these new developments. Questions:

1) Anyone had this type of experience with Horse 440s?

2) To avoid more turkey neck, maybe I should substitute jelqs with only squeezes? I’ve been reading into foreskin restoration, which perhaps would help but sounds like another very long endeavor. I also don’t entirely understand the idea of it yet. Why exactly do I want more foreskin? You obviously can’t restore the outer layer, so it won’t be exactly like an uncircumcised penis will it? It will be something entirely different, just more skin the penis. Can’t really find a good description of this whole process of restoration.

Any advice would be welcome, thanks!