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Some picture for motivation

Some picture for motivation

Hi guys I’m here from 2009 on and off

I know PE is working but I think to myself

Why in all this years that this site exist there only few comparison photos of before and after, my girth is so slim and its look like nothing not work on this slim 4.3 EG I really want to see more before and after photos comparison , and not only the same old picture of bennet8 or some other old gainers, its really motivate

You know I’m 5.5 from 4.75, and I I’m still not content. Us guys seem to never feel fully accomplished. Always scrimmaging for the number one headband.

But the problem is that everyone here need to believe each other even if some member decide to lie about his gain or maybe he write gain that is only get for temporary after PE works , the point is that the site is with full success story but the picture we can find here of before and after is just few good pictures , why not more? Its can be proof and helpful for everyone

Well PE isn’t hard to wrap you’re head around. Stretch and expand living tissue, and it will build on itself. If any member is lying about their gains the truth will come out were not stupid.

Hey el how did you gain your girth and how long did it take?

Like three years worth of clamping, ulis, slow squash jelqs, horse 440, always switching stuff around to get a spurt. I do my stuff when I feel the strongest in the dick. You know what I mean ragers, spontaneous boners. Now I’m just doing ulis sort of weaning off for a little I dont know what ill hit him with next.

Congrats man. 5.5 is my aim. Currently about 5.25 up from 4.6

Yea I probably need another inch to be happy (stupid body dimorphic disorder) I feel alright about seven inch length im shooting for another half inch there.

The girth is is hard or feel like a lymph after work?


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