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some PE questions

some PE questions

I am considering starting PE, but have a few quesetions that i hope someone can answer for me.

i was thinking about starting out with the posted newbie routine, but use a dry jelq instead. The type of dry jelq that i was going to follow is posted by RB here: Dry Jelq is this type of dry jelq recommended for beginners?

Also, does PE effect the sensitivity of the penis head? i recall reading somewhere that placing pressure behind the head of the penis could cause some loss in sensitivity, is this true? if so, how can you avoid that problem when performing a dry jelq routine?


The Newbie Routine is more about limiting the time and type of exercises and not so much about individual technique. I like to recommend RB’s technique, especially for those guys who have not been circumcised or those who have with loose skin, since the moving skin acts as the lubricant.

This method of jelqing also addresses your second question. To understand why, you have to know the anatomy of the penis. The two main erection chambers (corpora cavernosa - CC) are physically separate from the smaller chamber that surrounds the urethra (corpus spongiosum - CS) and which is connected to the glans (head) — see this. By concentrating the pressure on the CC and not the CS, this stroking method puts less pressure on the head. Excessive pressure may be cause of the loss of sensation you described.

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