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SOME ONE HELP, can't jelq the right way


Hmmm…I think I seem to have found the answer to your problem. Stop jacking off! Haha dude I hate to break it to you but jelqing really shouldn’t make you want to blow your load. If it feels too good back off I guess, add some heat, then go right back at it.

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You may want to jelq slower, as 200 in 7-10 minutes may still be too fast for you.

Coming should always be a matter of choice. It should always be up to you, not your dick, when or if you ejaculate.

Here are a few tips and exercises to help with mastering ejaculatory control.

First of all, you need to get in touch with your ejaculation threshold. That’s the point right before the “point of no return.” Once you’ve learned to recognize where that point is, there a few things you can do:

1) Start by stimulating yourself to the point where if you go any further you will ejaculate.

Now, STOP! Literally take your hand off your dick, or pull out, or whatever. Just stop. Your body and mind have been conditioned to respond to the build up to orgasm as “go for it!” You are now teaching your dick, and your brain, to relax and literally not get too excited.

At first, just let your erection subside. Do some strong kegels. Breath. Do something else for awhile. Cool down. Try to feel the energy that you didn’t expend in orgasm circulating throughout your body.

Repeat this simple exercise one or two times throughout the day if possible before giving yourself “permission” to ejaculate.

2) Once you’re pretty comfortable with where your threshold is, instead of stopping completely try backing off. Maybe stop for a few seconds if you have to, do some kegels, breath, but then continue to stimulate yourself gently, trying to hold yourself at that magic threshold point. Eventually you can push that threshold back and get closer and closer without “losing it.” I believe this is called “edging” around here, but I’m not positive. I’ll have to look into that. Whatever you call it, this exercise is crucial.

Do this exercise without ejaculating at least twice in a day. If you need to, allow yourself to come after the final session, but try to get to the point where
You can do this for a couple of days at stretch.

“Blue Balls” might be a problem at first, but try to relax into having that extra energy in your body. Breath, relax, and kegel, and the Blue Ball effect should subside.

3) The Big Draw
(Adapted from Mantak Chia’s “Taoist Secrets of Cultivating Male Sexual Energy”)

If you get this far, you might want to try this is Taoist exercise. Here you start moving into the realm of semen retention, and learning how to actually “pass through the door” so to speak, as opposed to just “standing at the threshold.”

Start by bring yourself right up to the “point of no return, as in #1. Now, at the point at which you would normally give yourself over to orgasm:

Standing up with your feet about shoulder-width apart, inhale powerfully while doing a strong kegel. From the kegel contraction continue to clench all of the muscles of the pelvic floor, including the anal sphincter. Clench your fist, dig your toes into the floor, and clench your teeth together. Now, holding this full body clench, breath slowly and deeply until your erection subsides.

You are literally “sucking” the energy of impending orgasm up your spine and into your head. Place your tongue gently on the roof your mouth, and try to feel/visualize the energy as a circuit, moving up the spine, into the head, then down through the tongue to the front of the body. This is the called the “microcosminc orbit.”

This is pretty advanced, but trust me it works, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If your interested in pursuing this, I’d recommend the book mentioned above as a good starting point.

Once you get comfortable with these techniques, and teach your body to separate orgasm from ejaculation, you can come or not come at will, and in addition you may choose “come without coming.”

It’s pretty sweet to have those kinds of options.

Good advice, cheeva. :up:

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