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Some nub questions

Some nub questions

hey guys i’m kinda new to the forums, i have been reading some posts and all but i have a few quick questions.

1) is it ok to jelq more than once per day? maybe once in the morn and once in the afternoon. will it effect my results? i do work out in a gym and i know its not always good to go everyday.

2) does it matter if i do my kegs fully erected or flaccid? are there better results for one or….? i know u prob have to be erected to do weighted kegs(duh) but i wasnt sure on just regular ones. i usually just do them when i have time around my day, watching tv, or just sitting around if i have time, so mine are usually done flaccid.


1) It is ok to Jelq more than once per day. Some people prefer it and believe it may even improve your growth rate.

2) You can Kegal either flaccid or erect.

3) Please read the Forum Guidelines.

Good luck.


There is no replacement for displacement

ahhh thx for ur help bunbuster i appreciate it :D


Check bunbuster’s 3rd piece of advice again for me would ya please?



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