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Some newbie questions.

Some newbie questions.

Quote from another post in here. What are PIs and EQ??

“Whatever combination of PE techniques you employ, the general principles still apply. Watch your PIs and your EQ, and don’t overdo”.


Physiological Indicators and Erection Quality.

Phisiological Indicators are signs as to how your penis is doing after a workout, a negative indicator for example would be if your penis happened to be ice cold and baby blue after a particular workout. This would be a PI that you should stop PE for probably about 3 weeks and then resume the newbie routine. After seeing a doctor. PI’s vary in seriousness and you can have positive, neutral and negative ones.

Erection quality is just the quality of your erection, if it is soft and flops around during intercourse, you should take up kegels and do whatever you can because that is what we call ED (erectile dysfunction), you could say this is an EQ of zero. If your erection is hard as rock to the touch and it hurts your hand to slap it, then by all means it’s a 9.5/10. Round of applause.

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Thanks for the great answer caboose!!

Should I take it as a negative PIs if my “joint” at the base is hurting? I have been doing 500 shower jelqs a day 5 days on 2 days off for about 4 weeks + 3-4hrs of jes extender stretching everyday.


Thanks for the replys and I’m gonna take about a weeks break before starting again with luvdaddus newbie routine and 20min of pumping 2 on 1 off

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