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Some much erectness is ok when manual stretching

Some much erectness is ok when manual stretching

I’ve decided to go heavy on manual stretching, probably fulcrum stretching. My question is, how much erectness is allowable when stretching? When I hang, I usually have absolutely no erectness. Sometimes when I manual stretch, I get erect, and I’m wondering how erect I can get before it’s dangerous or useless. And how do I keep my erection in check when manual stretching?

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YOU shouldn’t be erect at all. If you notice starting to get erect, wait for it to subside and continue later. Erect stretching is connected to several serious injuries in past. That being said, I remember some experimenting with it few years back. I can’t remember them reporting any results ergo it is hardly worth the risk, especially for a new guy who still isn’t aware of his limits.

Once you get used to PEing, it’ll get easier to stay flaccid, don’t worry. Masturbating for a release is handy too, just don’t do it the same day before doing PE.


And by the way… The search is your friend. ;)

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