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some length...but veins?

some length...but veins?

I just started PE. I’ve had five workouts so far. I’ve noticed some miniscule gains. But more noticeably, I’ve noticed many more veins. My penis looks like a flexing bodybuilder. I work out a lot, but my arms don’t look nearly that veiny. Sorry I don’t have any pictures though, I lack the technology. I did some searching and I’m not really sure if this is a good or a bad thing. I was wondering if you guys could give me any information about the increase in veins. I really don’t think I’m jelqing too much because I only go for about 6-7 minutes right now, and I’m not even soar at all afterwards. My routine consists only of some stretches and jelqing at this point. Any information or advice whether I should lay off for a while would be helpful.


I have a feeling that this is normal. Many guys have veiny penises and to some women that is very attractive.

I would not be overly concerned unless you start noticing pain. Pain and PE are not compatible. From what you are saying, your routine sounds fine and doesn’t appear to be over zealous. I will let the other guys talk to you as well, but I don’t think its a problem unless you start getting pain.

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Look at venous and arterial development as a good thing in a couple ways.

You are increasing blood delivery to your penis. More blood will make erections occur faster, last longer and be firmer. If you are young, or relatively young, you will appreciate this increased capacity later on in life; things will not as likely slow down for you sexually as they would otherwise.

And, there is positive aspect of having a Power Cock look. Prominent veins look “mean” and healthy. And you will be offering your sex partners more friction and pleasure than a smoother penis might.

As Sunny suggests, if no pain or inflammation, don’t worry. Let ‘em happen, I say.



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