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Some last stupid questions

Some last stupid questions

Hello, I’ve searched the forum a bit but couldn’t really find what I was looking for, so I simply just ask. When I do the stretching exercises, I kinda feel sore afterwards at the sides and on top of my penis, is this good or bad? Should I take it more easy with the stretching or simply go harder?

I also got a curved penis, I read a few threads back that it’s possible to straighten the penis by doing stretches, anyone that is experienced in that particular area, that knows how long time it might take to straighten the penis out? Besides, anyone know if it feels better for girls if the man have a curved penis or not a curved penis, I mean, it must make a small difference?

I’m doing stretches and jelking at least once a day, maybe I should do it twice a day? Do I really need to stop doing the exercises at least one day per week?

Is it possible for the penis to become smaller if you do it wrong? It might sound silly but I just want to be on the safe side ;)

Thanks for a great forum, I do look forward to see my damn penis grow a bit and get straight (no not straight as in heterosexual :P).

Not stupid questions at all (and likely not the last :) )

The soreness you feel is fatigue, and given the location it sounds like lig fatigue. That’s great - the perfect place to feel it if that is what you seek: Lig stretch. Continue working in this state of fatigue because it indicates that you are breaking down a limiting factor. Rest only when you feel an unhealthy amount of soreness. The fine line we walk is one between discomfort and pain, so play it cautiously.
Instead of “going harder” continue what you’re doing, as it seems to be working just fine.

As for curve correction, I can attest to PE’s ability to address this. As I have gained, my own leftward curve has minimized - or seems to have; I simply am unable to tell if because of the new length the curve “appears” less severe or if it truly has “corrected”.
Whatever, I’ll take it.

Also, the feedback that I have personally gotten from women on this matter is ambiguous at best. Beyond that, I have heard many guys tell of their partners enjoying an upward curve - it stimulates the good spots, or so they say.

On whether your unit can become smaller - I have to say that I find that hard to believe, especially via doing PE the “wrong” way. At worst, a guy might realize no gains, me thinks.

About your routine/schedule - there is nothing wrong with “bookending” a day, meaning that you might perform your routine early in the day and cap things off with a session before you retire. The objective is to remain fatigued (as it relates to length work). Just avoid overdoing it to the point of injury. Always.

Days off should come when you honestly feel the need. Listening to your body increases your chance of success. Dismissing danger signs will lead nowhere.

BTW- Welcome to Thunder’s Place!


Damn, if the sides and top of your penis are sore you are one lucky bastard as those are the only 3 locations for your ligs, which means you are hitting them right on.

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Thanks alot for the replies CaptnHook, I really appreciated it. I guess I should continue doing what I’m doing then, I really am looking forward to see my penis grow in size, I will keep you updated some day :) . Thanks alot!

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