Some help with routine.

I have a doubt.. Kindly some one clarify.. I started PE during 2007 and is still continuing.. I think I had gained a little.. But not much.. My current status are BPEL 6.2/NBPEL 5.8/EG 4.5/Flaccid length 4/ My routine is 5 mintues stretch & 100 jelques only. Due to lack of privacy I am not able to do hot wrap.. Recently only I read about LOT theory.. My kegel effect stops when my cock is almost between 6’o clock and 9.. (When my cock just below the straight position and it continues to almost down).. Friends Could any of you pls tell me how should I make my routine so that I will get maximum benefit.. It will be more convenient for me if a message is sent to E-MAIL ADDRESS REMOVED. Thanking you my dear friends and all the very best for all your PE.

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