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Some Good Routines

Some Good Routines

I just started and i need good routine. Please post your own routines. I read the other newbie routines im just tryin to see what you ppl out there do. Thx

Have you read the Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers thread yet? Doesn’t get any better than that.

One of the first things I did when I joined Thunder’s Place was ransack Size’s PE Data Page to find the routines of the best gainers. Click on a person’s name in the Data Page and a new window will appear detailing their health information and routine details. Hope this helps.

Re: Some Good Routines

Originally posted by TheDoggFather
I just started and i need good routine. Please post your own routines. I read the other newbie routines im just tryin to see what you ppl out there do. Thx

The best thing would be to use a basic jelq/stretch routine. 100 jelqs the first week, then maybe moving it to 250 a session, and slowly increasing in jelqs until you’re COMFERTABLE at around 500 (or 30 minutes).

For stretching it depends on how big you are already. If you are over 6.5” stretched, you MIGHT be able to do an A-stretch or a Fake Arm stretch (which is the same as an A stretch but you do not use your own wrist, you use a pipe or other object as the pivot point).

I love the A stretch. I could actually feel my dick become more “rubber like” and less resistant after several weeks of this stretch.

I know what you are feeling right now because I’ve been there. You’re anxious to find this ultimate routine which will get results fast. Well you might gain fast or you might not. However, the truth is, there is no ultimate routine. Everyone has their own tweaks and PE rituals they develop and do themselves. For example, I ALWAYS try to stretch after a hot shower because my dick is already warm and easier to expand, and the oils from my skin are washed off so I can get a better grip. I also always go to sleep with a cocoa butter type lotion on my cock to help heal the irritation I get from intense stretching. Yes you will be beating your dick up a little bit and dishing out some stress to it- but PE is all about adapting to this stress and growing.

If you jelq (or later on start to squeeze), you’re forcing blood into these little chambers… EVENTUALLY they will start to expand to adapt to this overload of blood. Then your dick will be somewhat enlarged due to this reason. If you CONTINUE to jelq after you first see a gain- your dick will now figure that this extra blood is normal and will start to regrow from that point on. After you take a rest day or rest days, it heals, and begins to regrow all over again.

Does this help at all?

I hope I am not too confusing. :)

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