Some BC muscle thoughts

Yes, I’ve read westla’s thread.

I’ve done PE for about 8 years off and on, during which I’ve made and lost gains. Most of my gains have come in short periods where I’ve made rapid progress. However, very often after a period of growth and sometimes when I’ve taken a shot at PE but not had any growth, I started to lose EQ and whatever progress I made began to fade to the point where I was backtracking. I did Kegels when I first started PE but they didn’t seem to do much for me. If anything, I thought they were detrimental but I’m sure there’s more to it. I recently invested in an IR lamp and I’m trying to make the most out of this effort and really think things through.

A few nights ago I slept with a girl for the first time. We had both been out and had plenty to drink and, whether for that reason or others such as nerves, general tiredness, etc., I experienced something that I’ve experienced many times before: I was unable to finish. Eventually, I just lost the ability to maintain an erection and we called it quits. I wasn’t too worried about it, because I had banged the hell out of her and, thanks to some things I learned from St. Diesel, I think I even got her to squirt a little which would be a first for me. High five. As I came home the next morning, I wanted to get some more sleep so I decided to try to masturbate. My erection was still weak but eventually I made it happen. I should note that I can usually bottom out in a girl if I press deep and simultaneously contract my BC muscle and I did both of these many times during the course of the night. This got me thinking, could there be a connection between the strenuous use of my BC and my loss of erection at the end of the night and weak erection the next day? My answer was almost certainly yes, and if it was not a tired BC it was some other muscle that was tired. It just didn’t make sense that my penis would not want to fill up with blood as fully as normal without a muscle being tired.

I took this thought a little further; could overuse of my BC in previous periods of PE through constant attempts to achieve full erections have led to diminished EQ or flaccid hang? That’s when I came up with the idea of keeping total relaxation of the BC during PE (and possibly all throughout the day). So far, my flaccid hang has been enormous, albeit over just a few days, but if there was anything that my previous periods of gains had in common, it was a heavy flaccid hang. It will probably take weeks or months for me to know how well this strategy works in encouraging growth so I thought I would go ahead and put the idea out there.

A couple of other thoughts/questions come to mind.

-I tried to masturbate last night without contracting the BC. I could not finish regardless of what I did or watched. With some very light contractions, I was able to finish normally.
-Wadzilla frequently mentioned how he was able to obtain impressive girth growth through erections at fairly low erection levels to maintain an “unloaded” tunica. Could this be a way to keep the tunica unloaded? Might Wad have unintentionally done this simply by not attempting to get rock hard every time?
-If this is true, why is it so well established that exercising the BC is so helpful for erection quality, i.e., what might I have been doing wrong in doing kegels? Of course, it may be a matter of consistent exercise and timing or maybe we should be practicing both contraction and relaxation of the BC.

If this works, I will keep everyone posted.