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some advise please

some advise please

As a newbie, I would like to start exercises that focus in on girth gains. I understand that there will be length gains but my main focus is on girth. Could somebody please tell me what exercise a newbie can do for girth gains without hurting myself and where I can get the proper information on how to do the exercies. Thanks alot.

I wouldn’t even think of jelqing with a full erection, but I know that the more erect you are the greater the gains in girth will be. Aside from that, you can do horses, Uli squeezes, and bending.

I’m sure others will add to this short list.

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Right now, as a newbie, you need to stick to the basics (jelqing) to condition your dick for the more advanced exercises (squeezes, horses) in the future.

For girth, try and maintain a 60-80% erection during your jelqing sessions, using 3 second strokes. Start out by doing 10 minute jelqing sessions and build your way up to 20 minutes by the end of two months. After two months of a consistent jelqing/PE schedule, you might be able to start doing light versions of the more advanced exercises.

In the Tutorials Forum, there are some good videos and an excellent jelqing guide:

How to Jelq

Also, make sure you use a hot wrap before and after your workouts. Just remember to take things light and slow, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

My advice is stay _far_ away from Horses. You are not ready for them. You can handle mild Ulis, though. I found them very good for girth.



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