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Some advice to a newbie.

Some advice to a newbie.

Hi, I’ve been doing PEing for about 2-3 months, and then a break for over a moth, because vacation time and I don’t want to do PEing while my family is home.. So I won’t be doing much PEing before august or something.
How will that affect gains? Will I loose them? I will for sure not gain anything..

This is my routine:

Warmup: Just take a hot cloth and wrap it around, redipp it in hot water for about 2-5 minutes or something.

Stretch: Right forward, 10seconds hold, 5times. Same left and right. So altogether, about 150seconds stretch.

Jelq: I started jelqing for 8 minutes, but I hate to take the time, and is a mess with baby oil all over my mobile and stuff xD so I just count to 800 instead, think that takes about the same amount of time..

Warm-down? :P Same as warmup.

With this routine I have gained at least 1 cm, maybe 2, I’m measured with ruler, and gained 1 cm, now I measured with tape? (Don’t know what it’s called) and got 2cm more, in about 1-2 months. Haven’t gained a cm in girth.

So, I’ve heard that it smart to wait with girth exercise until 2-3 months of PEing, since I’m now on a break, should I start GE after 2 more months of PEing?

And, the stretch exercise, do I have to do that fully flaccid? Or can I do it with small erection? I mean, when I’m fully erected I can’t do the exercise, but half erection I can. Is that dangerous?

You might lose some of the gains, it would be wise to do some jelqing in the shower and some piss pulls to keep doing some PE.

When your family is gone, start doing the newbie routine for 3 months to recondition your penis.

Do stretching completely flaccid. The only blood that is allowed in your penis is some blood in the glans to improve the grip.

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